This candle celebrates the beginnng of Summer, true ode to sun, soft and comfy heat.

& Quality

Each 250g candle comes with a lid to preserve the fragrance, which can also be used to extinguish the candle without having to blow on the wick.

The surface stays clean and completely protected from dust, air, and light, guaranteeing your candle 50 hours of burn time. Thanks to its high concentration of natural ingredients, the mix of waxes formulated by a master candle maker allow for a magnificent diffusion of fragrances.

your candle

1) When lighting your candle for the first time, make sure that the entire wax surface is melted before extinguishing it.

2) After that, always burn your candle between two and four hours at a time.

3) Regularly trim the wick so it always measures between .5 and 1 cm. Trim it carefully when the candle has cooled, to ensure a better burn, and to avoid the black smoke from a badly maintained candle.

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