The Discovery Experience

Test the 5 perfumes

Order your box containing 5 samples (5 x 0.06 fl.oz.) and discover each perfume from the Musk Collection in the comfort of your own home.

Travel to the heart of each creation

Raw materials, inspiration, feelings, Sylvaine will take you on an olfactory journey into the heart of each fragrance.

Choose according to your personality

Wear the creation or creations that evoke your feelings and best bring out your personality.

rob_scentgentI am at Ainslie Walker's @ainslie_walker studio in Sydney, drinking Shalimar tea and trying the new perfumes of Sylvaine Delacourte @sylvainedelacourte - La Collection Muscs. I love Helicriss. It's spicy, aromatic and woody.

snolwenndulaz_marieclaire Si vous avez porté L'Heure Bleue, vous devriez succomber à #florentina #perfume #iris #muscs #addiction #beauty #confortable #marieclaire 💥💥💥💥 la fondatrice de cette marque a œuvré pendant 25 ans chez Guerlain!

lievenshalimar #collectionmuscs #sylvainedelacourte #parfum #fantastique

orchid74 They are indeed 💕@lady_gentiana

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ELLE ranks Sylvaine Delacourte among the more than promising new niche brands.