The Olfactory

I wanted to get rid of misconceptions. When we talk about musks, we are usually referring to an animal musk, and when we mention vanilla, it’s often associated with sweet notes.

The challenge was to decline these two iconic and noble natural raw materials under 5 original facets to offer them a new, unique, and unexpected personality.

& Emotions

My signature is to create perfumes that are faceted, refined, and soaked in delicacy, in contrast with punchy perfumes. I hope these perfumes will delight you.

A perfume must first give you an emotion and it must always surprise and seduce you. Thanks to a large quantity of natural raw materials which are lively and vibrant, each perfume lives and creates a different chemistry with your skin.

& Portraits

I worked in collaboration with two young French and Brazilian artists to give each perfume a character whose face is drawn on a decorative card inserted in the 100ml box.

At all times surrounded by the raw materials in the fragrance, the whole reflects the unique character, history and personality of each perfume.

100% Made
in France

From selecting the best raw materials to packaging, my will has been to work with French artisans and partners who have the savoir-faire to create exceptional perfumes.

My philosophy is to give objects several lives, that's why I wanted to use simple, elegant metal boxes that can be reused to infinity. The wedge and the card representing the olfactory portrait are made of biodegradable cardboard.