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Sylvaine Delacourte, Perfume Creative Director for 15 years at Guerlain, created over 70 perfumes and was also in charge of Custom Design Perfumes for VIP clients.
Passionate about beautiful raw materials with innovative structures, she launched her own brand around a new concept in perfumery.
Presenting the most iconic raw materials in 5 surprising ways, she endowed each one with a new, singular, and unexpected personality. You will feel unique with these perfumes that are faceted, refined, and steeped in delicacy.

What's Different?

A Unique Concept - Each Collection reimagines one iconic raw material declined into five very original facets to offer them a new, unique, and unexpected personality.
Natural Ingredients - Thanks to a large quantity of natural, lively, and vibrant raw materials, each perfume lives and creates a different chemistry with your skin.
Clean and Sustainable Luxury - All perfumes are cruelty-free, paraben-free and environmentally friendly with recyclable packaging.
100% Made in France - Based in Paris, we work with French artisans who have the savoir-faire to create exceptional perfumes.

In the Press
in the US and France

Madame Figaro
"Ode to Vanilla"

"Most promising new niche brand"

"Her Vanilla Collection is a true masterpiece"

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"Everything was a full sensation of beauty. These perfumes are gorgeous and will make you feel unique. The entire experience is perfect!"


"I fell in love with every single one.They are so silky and smooth, you can't help but feel special and sexy. I highly recommend any of these fragrances."


"Unique-smelling, yet mass-appealing fragrances. Gorgeous, functional, elegant packaging and artwork. Excellent price range. Thank you for the wonderful experience!"


"Absolutely wonderful company! Not only are the fragrances unique and beautiful, but the customer service is excellent. The full bottles are also beautifully presented."


"I absolutely love these samples. The musk based perfumes are particularly lovely...just trying to decide which one is my favourite."


"Delacourte - you have bewitched me! The scents take me to a happy time and place that I cannot identify. It’s pure magic!"

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